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Las Vegas Real Estate Alerts!

Okay. Where has all the spam gone? About two -- maybe three years ago, I would received at least a dozen email alerts on my Blackberry from sunset one day to sunrise the next. So, where have all these "Alerts!" gone?

Of course, I still get a pretty good stream of properties for sale from national RE organizations. But, I have seen very few property alerts from smaller companies that tried to advertise nationally. (Okay, you caught me. I am one of those small real estate companies advertising nationally.)

But since these alerts have been missing, I get the sense that most -- if not all -- of the RE agents behind those past alerts are no longer (working) in the industry. My son asked me just the other day, why I stay so insistent on trying to get a property sale/escrow/close going? I told him it's because if I am the last to hang in there, I will be the only one around when the market really picks up and buyers begin their hunt for properties and that will be to my advantage.

Years ago, when I worked as a Grip in Hollywood, the saying was to be the most tenacious. Keep working and your career success would follow. Well, I got tired of nepitism working better than my efforts. (That's another story.)

But, since there are fewer agents and fewer marketable properties, I need to stay as one of those sending out alerts!

Why? You may ask.

Recently, I listed a Downtown Las Vegas Motel. The Owner wants $35,000 per room. (He has 68 rooms.) At first I thought, this would be too high in this market. Then, one of the national companies is bragging they sold a 150 room motel for $80,000 per room.

What?! Just because of the juxtaposition to the "Strip" and McCarran International Airport, doesn't make the property worth twice as much?

Anyway. I know Buyers are out there. I know properties are available whether their over-priced or in some form of foreclsoure. What you need to do is: Call me.

I can find you a worthwhile investment without breaking your bank.