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Pending Boom will trickle down to CRE!

In case you have been asleep at the wheel the last four years, there is a building of kinetic energy that is going to fuel the next economic explosion.  And, as is pointed out in the column below, it will be in the data and smart technology we are starting to see coming to the market.

Granted our dear congress-persons have been too busy in-fighting over social programs as too costly, thus trying their best to stop any economic turn for the better at any cost.  Thus, the economic tide is building momentum and will continue to roll forward.

Here is an excerpt from

"The Impending Boom
I thought I would share the gist of an article that I read yesterday in the Opinion Section of the Wall Street Journal. "The Coming Tech-led Boom" was an incredibly stimulating prognostication that the United States is on the cusp of three technological breakthroughs that will transform our economy and fuel hyper economic growth: Big data, smart manufacturing and the wireless revolution. The first out-of-the-wonder-box idea is that data is virtually free, and that the "cloud" will enable a network of thousands of data centers, producing data-crunching at a level that will spawn previously unimaginable services and businesses. The second emerging paradigm is "smart manufacturing," the revolution of design and build from the molecular level to create new materials with properties not possible in nature and enabling start-to-finish manufacturing from a desktop. The third is the connectivity of billions of people through cloud-based wireless technology. The United States is at the epicenter of all three technologies, and these will engender sweeping changes in business and society. I am attending the Real Estate Roundtable meeting today in D.C., and it provides a backdrop for thinking about how the real estate industry will capitalize on the impending boom. Unfortunately, our industry is rarely an early adapter of change; in fact, we are in many ways still in the Jurassic era on the technology front. Sad but true." Tony LoPinto.

So, do we continue to sit back and wait until it is too late as the economic roll runs over us?  OR, do we actual get up, start re-investing in Las Vegas CRE and ride the economic tidal wave as it comes roaring by?

Your choice.  I think whether or not prices have bottomed in Las Vegas is moot and the smart investor starts investing now.

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Las Vegas Resort Buyer(s) Pay Attention Here!

You WILL NOT be give any information on any (potential) Resort Property that may/may not be for sale WITHOUT A SIGNED Non-Circumvent and Commission Agreement!

Emailing me and insisting that you are qualified and have CASH is going to get you no where. 

Please be advised that IF you are NOT willing to provide me with CPA and/or CFO Certified P&L and Balance Sheet, PLUS the Signed NC and CA with a company's authorized Signatory's signature, further discussions are moot.

However, IF you provide me with what I have asked, and provide me with a signed NC and CA, I will forward those documents to the appropriate parties; and THEY will decide as to whether or not you are qualify to acquire a Resort!  Any deviation from that will be a waste of your time.

So, MAN UP!  The number of properties your own; or where they are located; or how much money you say you have is irrelevant and has no bearing at this point unless and until you provide the appropriate documents to me!

Once your financial credentials have been established by the receiving party, then THEY will contact you about further discussions about pursuing the property.

Any questions?

My apologies to the rest of the readers.  It's just a couple of wanna be casino hacks that are being overly insistent in an area where co-operation is absolutely mandatory. 

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Las Vegas Home Prices Still Falling Means Commercial Investments are Looking Solid!

The Las Vegas Business Press is reporting that the Las Vegas homebuilding industry is sagging.

"The Las Vegas homebuildingindustry sagged to a record-low 3,793 new-home closings in 2011, a 30 percentdecrease from the previous year, Las Vegas-based housing research firmSalesTraq reported in December FastFacts," according to the Las Vegas Business Press.
This is a bad sign for all those residential Home "Investors" acquiring properties and then trying to "Flip" them.  You are better off NOT buying a house at this time, say I.
And, since, "There were 384 new-home permits issued in December, bringing the total to 3,740for the year, a 15 percent decrease from 2010.  Those are the worst numbers for new-home sales and permits since SalesTraqbegan tracking the market in 1992, company President Larry Murphy said," published Monday in the LV Business Press. 

And, with "The median price of a new home dipped to $211,265 in December, down 3.5percent from a year ago, but up $4,000 from the previous month," This means that buying a home in Las Vegas could result in a loss of equity and prinicpal in the coming and the next year.
Is that Bad News for Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate?  I don't think so, say I.  Because there are several quality real estate investments that could be long term, lucrative investments IF bought NOW while we are near the bottom.  And, a +/-9.5% Cap Rate is one of the better rates across the US.

Please check the Freestanding Investment button on the right side bar and see what I am talking about!

And as always...

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It's Time To Step Up and Buy! OR Miss Out!

Most of my clients have been waiting for the bottom.  For four long years, Las Vegas has seen a continued downturn in values first from homes caused by the mortgage meltdown to commercial properties where companies just went bust and were evicted for not being able to maintain their business.  And, active Real Estate investors/buyers have grown accustomed to just sitting and waiting because they all feel that the bottom hadn't arrived -- yet.

Well, folks! It's here!  As I scan the Las Vegas commercial real estate horizon, I see that the slow down in sinking values "looks" as if it is coming to a halt.  Now, NOT like a car hitting a wall type of halt.  But, more like the recent NOD and Trustee Sales Reports that are emailed to me are showing less and less commercial properties being foreclosed upon.

And yesterday, an appraiser I have known and worked with through the years called me to ask about this property value trend.  He was doing an owner valuation for this one particular company who owns several large various properties across the Las Vegas Valley. 

His most important question he posed to me was: Are Property Values most likely at the bottom?  Of course! I said.  Do I know that for sure?  No.  But, if he was referring to being at an exact bottom, it is hard to tell.  So, my answer of Yes! is my opinion that: This is the time to buy!  By the way, the appraiser wasn't surprised by my assessment.

Now, DO NOT GET ME WRONG!  I am currently seeing a trend where buying a commercial Income Property now makes perfect sense even a year from now.  Since I am NOT just trying to close a sale, I can honestly say: IF you wait any longer, you will miss out on these income properties and the acquisition price WILL BE HIGHER next year!  (Remember, the higher the Cap Rate; the lower the price!  That means, if you wait any longer, acquiring that real estate income property will cost you more in the future because the Cap Rates, nationally, are already headed down!

So, DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!  Give me an email or call for details on just how you, too, can get rich via a long term RE investment.

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Passive, Triple Net, Freestanding, Real Estate Investments: 101

For those who have been subject to my snail mail Letters and Tweets and emails, my apologies.

The wife recently made me realize that in your everyday lives, when some one like me comes along and tries to make you aware of an investment and calls that investment a "passive" or "NNN" or "freestanding" or "real estate investment," you immediately conjure up the image of a nasty slum landlord who is only out to collect his money!  Oliver Twist anyone?

Then again, I am NOT pointing you in that direction of becoming a slum lord.  My intention is to allow you, who are most likely novices when it comes to real estate investing -- to enter into this lucrative world with as little anxiety or property management concerns as possible.

And, a "Triple Net" or "NNN" property is that type of venue.  And, these types of real estate investments are the most popular type of real estate ownership for someone new and in-experienced; and as well as for those who are well experienced.  These are investments for someone who is looking to get a better return on their money than through traditional Wall Street types of investment products that are probably presented to you more often than not by your business or financial money managers.

You see, as an owner of a property that has a tenant under a "triple net" lease, you just simply collect rent.  You are only responsible in actuality to cash said tenant rent checks. 

Another advantage is that even without a loan to pay off, you still gain equity while you own the property.  And, the tenant you acquired with the property is (usually) responsible to pay pre-determined annual rent increases as well as pay for the real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance on the building.  (There are different degrees of this, so be sure to call me with any questions.)  So, you can see, as the tenant stays through their lease term, their rent usually goes up annually and your costs are covered. 

Sure, in the last few years we have seen a decrease in RE values, and rents have decreased from the tenants who HAD moved out because they lost their business and could no longer afford the rent.  But, that happened to multi-tenant properties such a a shopping centers, Business Parks and even office buildings.

For freestanding, NNN, passive investment properties, that wasn't necessarily the case.  Thus, the current higher than normal demand for these types of properties, such as: 6.5% Cap Rates in middle America.  (Las Vegas Selling Cap Rates are +/-9%)

Also, during 'normal' markets, equity is accumulated over time.  And, as a NNN investment, paying cash for a property such as the ones on the right hand side of this page, you will NOT have the responsibility of a loan to pay off.  Thus, your Return On Investment (ROI) would be higher and sooner than if you had a loan to pay off over time.

So, be brave.  Be fearsome.  John Wayne made his fortune in Orange County real estate.  Why do you think Orange County named their airport after him.  Sure, he still did his movies.  And, because he was wealthy enough from his real estate investing, he got to pick his parts and to choose his co-stars!  He didn't HAVE TO settle for or even take a part he didn't really want because he never needed the money.  (Sound familiar to some of you?)

Also, for you with Non-Profit financing goals: A ten year lease by a Credit Worthy Tenant is money that can actually help the Non-Profit of your choice in your name by giving them a monthly income instead of a lump sum.  Your acquisition and assignment of the rent check to the Non-Profit, allows you to give over time.  (Talk to your Tax Preparer about this.)

So, call me.  Let's discuss this further.  Once you see the light that investing in a Passive, Triple Net, Freestanding, Real Estate Investments, is one of the best ways to earn while you play, you will NOT want to go back to business as usual. 

And, your real estate money will (help) pay for other things in your life that you are currently paying for from your Hollywood or Pro-Sports Money.  Think about it!

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Investment Property, contact David Howes at: or call (702) 502-9388.  Thank You for reading this!

Two Las Vegas Casinos For Sale!

For those who are interested, two Las Vegas Casino Properties are available for sale.  A Non Circumvent and Commission Agreement is required in order to receive any details on either property.

The First is a larger property and it costs $300 Million.  The Bank will finance a loan at 75% LTV. 
If interested (and qualified) in pursuing this property, The Bank requires you to provide them with your financial capability and provide Proof of Funds!  They are looking for people/companies that are licensed - or who can qualify for a Nevada Gaming License.  And, this is ALL prior to release of any property information.

The Second is a smaller property and costs +/-$4 Million.  Even though it is +/- 5,500 SF, it still has the "Unrestricted Gaming" designation because of the grandfather clause.  However, you will still need to provide qualifying information to move forward.

AND, lastly, there are still "tavern" sports bar properties available that are NNN Investment properties!  Click on the Gaming button to the right for details!

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Record Housing Sales in Las Vegas?

Published today in the Las Vegas Review Journal is a news story about how housing sales are through the roof.

I really don't understand how people are buying properties with the expectation of flipping them later this year or next.

The foreclosure crisis is of such magnitude in proportion that I am even scared to go after some of these properties.  AND, with the "Robo Signing" cloud hanging over head, and the nevada DA pushing for How? and Why? answers, you could end up with a Lis Pendens on your property post close.

Then, again, if you are going to spend $2million or more on a SFR or Condo to hold and flip, why not just acquire a property at  +9% Cap Rate that is a leased property that is a passive investment which would provide you income for the next two to ten years.

And at a +9% Cap Rate, you will re-pay your initial investment off in +/-120 months.

So, instead of buying a house to just sit there and possibly get vandalized, buy a proven leased property with a credit tenant.

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Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Tide may be turning! Yeah!!

For some reason, 2012 is starting off pretty darn good.

This week, I emailed my hotel casino client and he replied that he is 'within a week' of us writing an offer for a prominent hotel casino.  I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  Sorry.  I try my best to NOT talk about current deals that I am working on because of the ever lingering: "Fell out of Escrow" black cloud.

And, I have had three replies to inquiries I sent out about several restaurant/tavern sites that are NNN investments.  There are six properties but my gut says only four are worth buying.

So, here it is, (actually) two days into this new "work" year and "things" seem to be moving in a positive direction.

It actually appears to be real time actual buyer/seller activity that has NOT been around for several years.

And, lastly, another client looking to wrap the property up that surrounds my listing: Ferguson's Motel.  (Unfortunately, Tamaras doesn't return telephone calls.)


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