Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Investments

More and more Vacant Land is quietly slipping under the radar back into foreclosure.  Many parcels that were way over paid for, are finally seeing the real value as banks are just eating these parcels because the developers are walking away.

More and more Commercial Properties are being walked away from because property owners can't afford to maintain them.  Some, have even spent money on attorneys to help them re-negotiate their loans in order to kepp the properties.  But, with lenders finding it easier to falsely promise the owners some relief, these proeprties are quietly being (behind closed doors) foreclosed upon. 

(I see this everyday where an owner is being promised that their payment or interest rate will be lowered by a point by the bank.  Then, a month or two later, the foreclosure department takes the property.  This is sad as it is just a way for the banks to get some money from the owner prior to the trustee sale.)

I have spent countless hours calling owners and trying in vain to get them to at least look at the web site where Money Wise Financial & Legal Services demonstrates how they secure a re-negotiated loan, that I am amzed at the number of owners who DO NOT EVEN go to the website.

There are plenty of bargins in Las Vegas.  There will be more bargains in Las Vegas because I still believe we are NOT at the buttom.  I know this because many of the clients I deal with are stuck sitting on their cash for fear of the market falling further.

So, before that happens,...

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