Cigar? Cigarette?

Yes, smoking is the theme of the day.

A client of mine wants to open a restaurant. But the spaces available are in areas where -- well, there is a qualified reason why these restaurant spaces are currently vacant and will stay vacant.

But I did notice a lot of restaurants are for sale as business opportunities. The financial times has wreaked havoc on many, many businesses -- not just restaurants. Fortunately, the national credit tenants in Las vegas for the most part are weathering the storm -- for now.

And, since there are several of these restaurant spaces are "taverns," this is probably the time to move and acquire one.

BUT, yes, it is a big butt, the smoking laws are playing trivia with us. Take for example Dotty's. It's been in the news because it's slot machines are assembled in "kiosks" -- not mounted in the bar. It has full alcohol service, too -- but, again, not in a bar shape; And, it has food! But since the food is pre-packaged and NOT coooked on site, so far, that seems to be exempt from the 2007 tavern smoking law.

So, my suggestion is to not wait for a specific property type to come available -- if you are considering opening a business. Or, if you are considering acquiring an investment site. If you are looking now, be willing to look hard and long. There are buys out there right now.

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