Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate may be down but it's NOT out!

That's right!
If Las Vegas was in a boxing match against the economy, it took a right cross and a left hook to the chin in 2007-2008.

If Las Vegas was in a UFC or Mixed Martial Arts fight, it was kick squarely in the groin.

Either scenario sent Las Vegas to the canvas.  It was knocked down on it's knees.  And the over powering Wall Street provided Economic Failure, pounced on Las Vegas with killer instinct and continued to pound Las Vegas in the head as it was laid low on that canvas.  (The economy does fight fair.  Las Vegas knew this.  Because Las Vegas wanted it that way.)

But Las Vegas knows it is only down for the count.  It is woozy and dizzily searching its surroundings with blurred vision for a way to stand and start giving punches back.

But, Las Vegas is making a come back as we sit and voice concern.  I have several clients ready to pounce.  I have given them the okay to move forward.  (Unfortunately, getting the clients here from there has been the challenge.)

But they will come and they will buy.  And now that I have my own company and don't have to answer to a broker or even partners, I will prevail beyond my wildest dreams.

Am I counting the commission before the close?  NO!  But without the mandatory "make me money" hanging over me, I am at ease and will prosper accordingly.

So, I may be down along with Las Vegas.  But, I am rising from the canvas, too.  The Wall Street economic failure may feel brave and bold.  But, just wait until it starts to feel the severe pain of my punches.

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