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Recently, I read an article about a former professional football player who had signed a contract for a guaranteed $50 million over five or six years in 2003 or 2004.  He is currently broke and living back with his parents.

Now, forgive me.  But, how does that happen to someone?

Was it his posse?  Was it his sudden change in lifestyle where he had to have the mansion and the Bentley?  Did he really think that he was going to be able to live such a lavish lifestyle the rest of his life?  And, on $50 Million?  Duh!  Of course, he did.

Now, if he had invested some money in a stock portfolio he would have lost some due to the 2008 market crash.  And, if he had Owned Real Estate, such as a long term passive lease investment, he most probably would be still collecting rent and right on through the crash.  Or, he would still be earning enough to live modestly on.

And, I am NOT just talking about Las Vegas Real Estate.  This could have been anywhere in the country.  There are and always will be, long term real estate investments that will pay -- even a "Star Athlete" over the long term -- ten to twenty years enough to make his "normal" bills per month.

Now, having a posse isn't my thing.  I can't stand people just hanging around.  That's just me.  And, if I have to pay them to hang around, I'd rather be alone.  And, if I am paying them, they had better give me a return on my money!  Or, they would be gone!

So, if you know of a young up and coming "Star" and they are being pursued with the promise f big bucks.  Once they have hold of said dollars, give me a call.

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