Real Estate Buying-Selling-Investing doesn't require an SVP!

Several years ago -- when I worked for a name brand real estate company -- I was always amused that I was required to earn a certain amount of money to be considered a "Partner."  Now, through the years, I have had business partners which usually meant that I would be required to do most of the grunt work while they would step in and take over at the moment the real estate transaction is coming together and the transaction was closing -- to take their bows and honors of how hard they worked.

For the most part, these "Partners" were capable people.  But as I look at the current real estate picture, I am now asking myself; Why do SVP's think they are sooooo important?  Why do they NOT return your calls?  Why do they have assistants -- who do ALL the work -- do their work?

Recently, I tired to list some REO Properties.  I did the usual paperwork to get on the lists, etc.  But, I am now realizing that I wasn't an "SVP" enough.  I didn't have the arrogant swagger.  I didn't put off a phone call just so I could play a power game of: "I am too busy to take a call from another broker."  OR, more sadly, I didn't think that I was that much more important than the other broker on the other end of the line.  (I have to laugh, because this SVP is NOT a broker but calls himself one because his name brand company call their SVP's brokers.  He is a salesperson.  I AM a Broker.)

Yes.  I am complaining.  While asking for additional information from one of these SVP's, I noticed that the "assistant" was the one who sent me the information via my email.

When asking for clarification information about the property, I noticed the assistant would forward my email to the SVP, the SVP would reply to the assistant, and the assistant, in kind, would forward the reply in the same email to me.  Huh?

Of course, this SVP has done major deals in major markets!  He has worked with some of the largest companies you probably never heard of.  B---S---!  (A little secert: So, have I.)

If this SVP is so marvelous, then: why did he leave those five or six markets and end up in Las Vegas in the twenty something years he has been working in real estate?  How important was he as an "SVP" in those markets that he left?  In my (almost) twenty years in real estate, 18 of those as a licensed Broker, I have only worked in two real estate markets: Southern California and Southern Nevada.

But to this "SVP," I am NOT important enough for him to reply directly to my email, or for him to take my telephone call personally.  It ALL has to be filtered through assistants before it is deemed importnat enough for them to respond directly. 

Arrogance aside, this is just impolite.  And, do NOT given me that "too busy" argument.  They are NOT too busy.  Not in this economic climate!  And, especially, NOT this particular SVP!  Why?  Because I know the SVP.  And, he is just an A--H---! 

As most of them truly are....

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