A Whole Lot of Autos Going No Where

Just returned form Southern California and I was surprised at the number of automobiles returing to S. Cal from Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon and into the evening.

Fortunately, we were heading back to Las Vegas from a family Thanksgiving gathering at my wife's sister's house near San Diego.  (By the way, it was a very pleasant time.)

But, as my wife and I traveled further north along the I-15 into the High Desert area, the traffic heading south appeared to be getting heavier and heavier.  At several points, it seemed like the traffic heading south was at an actual stand still. 

Once we were climbing through the Cohen Pass, the traffic approaching the bottom from the north looked to be at a dead stop.  And, then again at the fruit inspection stations(?).

(It befuddles me that these are even still in operation.  Why is it that after traveling into California for about 200 plus miles, you have to stop and answer the single dumbest question you could hear while driving: "Do you have any fruit?"  I always say 'No' regardless to whether or not I think any of my passengers is lacking indeligence.  Or, whether that apple pie for dessert on Thanksgiving is really made with apples.)

(OH! As for the future use of this traffic catcher, be prepared for this to become a toll booth.  California needs the money!)

(HINT to Califonria legislature: turning this into a tollbooth will help eliminate your money woos at the expense of your citizenery.)  (Since I know a way around this, it would only add about a half hour to my travel time.)

The next real heavy stopped traffic was from Primm, just inside of the Nevada border, to almost Goodsprings (That's the name of the area where the Goldstrike Hotel & Casino is located between Las Vegas and Primm.  MGM tore down the Nevada Landing.) 

Again, it was so heavy, it appeared that, that 11 mile stretch, was again a parking lot.  The traffic appear to be NOT moving at all.

Now, with so much traffic heading south back into S. Cal, why is it I keep hearing that Las Vegas Gaming is so down?  Am I missing something?  If Las Vegas had that much traffic from Wednesday to Sunday this past weekend, the papers should be filled with casino executives stuffing their coffers with winnings.  Only time will tell just how much they say they 'took in' over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

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