If I had $1 Million to invest in Las Vegas Real Estate, it would NOT be in residential

That right, Folks!

If I had $ 1 Million to invest, it would be in a REO commercial property -- right now.

With all the prognosticators saying we are near Depression like declines when it comes to real estate, the amount of over built supply of homes is dragging that market down. And if you have acquired a home to flip or rent, my apologies.  I believe you overspent.

But, with commercial properties, as usual, it's location, location, location.  And, I believe, in my humble opinion, it is also what you should buy right now.

If you are a passive investor who is just looking for income and only care about the quarterly rent check, you need a freestanding building with a strong national or regional tenant.  Fortunately, Las Vegas has about a dozen or so of those properties.  If you are an active, hands on investor and are looking to acquire a property, re-tool it, then flip it or hold long term, Las Vegas has about 20 dozen of those.

And, yes.  Commercial real estate will return to active or positive gains faster than residential real estate.  And the biggest reason will be that the US government has for too long allowed companies to ship jobs overseas.  Which means that job growth in the good ole US of A will be much slower than people realize.  And that means that people won't buy or even keep an existing home when you know that it will be better for you to walk away from your current house situation, and get a cheaper house in two or more years from now after you have found a minimum wage job that barely will pay the bills that remain after your BK.

Yahoo!   WalMart greeter, here I come!  Oh, I have to be 55 or older?

So, if you have $1 Million to invest, I can recommend several Las Vegas properties -- listed with Las Vegas' Real Estate Brokers -- that will fit the bill.

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Investment Property, contact David Howes at: david@davidhowes.net

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