Bottom? This can't be the Bottom! Could it?

For the last two years, we (I mean you remaining real estate professionals) have seen a very large picture of real estate that had slowly grown go from a very high, high (too high?) to a

In the last two weeks, I have had several clients -- whom I have done business with in the past -- contact me to help find properties that they can get back to doing their usual business. Now, these clients are NOT tire kickers -- as we all have been seeing for too long now -- theses are genuine clients who had bought property through me and built the property up in the past.

For two (long) years and going, he has been on the sideline (with everyone else) while the economy worked itself out.

I mention this to you because when I sent him a property that is in default and asked if this would make a good acquisition for him and his company, he replied that, "land has fallen low enough for him to get back to doing what they are best at. Buy, build and hold.

O le`!! (OK, we'll see.)

But, with that said, I am becoming more hopeful that the bottom is actually here under us today. So, am I the only one? Anyone else finding buyer activity out there?

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