Wrote Two Offers in Two Days! Why is it I want more?

It is hard for me to be optimistic when we have been living in an era of pessimism.  It really is a lot easier to join the pessimistic crowd right now.

But last Friday, I wrote two offers for two properties.  And, today about five days later, I am waiting to hear as to whether or not I get client approval to write a third.  But, through this immediate success, I still feel as if I should remain pessimistic about the future. 

The problem, I am noticing more and more, is that commercial real estate brokers are combining their forces.  One would close their shop to hang their license with another broker.  Is that going to happen to me?

Two years ago, I decided giving 50% of my earnings from my hard work for a greedy broker was idiotic.  Then, again, as I progressed through deals, I didn't spend all my money on luxury cars or homes.  (Even though it is becoming more evident that buying a rental is the most likely thing I should be doing.)  But with cutting back and saving as much as possible, I have a strong feeling that at least one of the offers recently written will earn me enough to keep going at least a few more years -- if it takes that long.

My problem has always been: I believe in telling clients the truth about real estate.  And I do so whether or not it hurts their feelings, or it kills a sale, or I would lose a commission.  The upside has been: my clients have stayed with me.  And, since I believe in keeping them informed about good and bad changes in the Las Vegas real estate market, they are the ones calling to ask me to write offers on properties I think are to their best interest.  Yeah!  (Sorry.  I need to praise myself more.)

So, I want more.  That is, I want to write more offers.  Oh, if you want me to write an offer for a property, I will help you.  But, I am NOT a Yes! Man.  I will write the offer -- if it is in your best interest.

So, in conclusion, I think I'll stay striving forward.  Optimism is just out of reach.  But, I'll get there.

P.S.: For examples of properties that were bought without the Buyer's best interest in mind, just read the papers.  They are all over the place.

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