It's Time To Step Up and Buy! OR Miss Out!

Most of my clients have been waiting for the bottom.  For four long years, Las Vegas has seen a continued downturn in values first from homes caused by the mortgage meltdown to commercial properties where companies just went bust and were evicted for not being able to maintain their business.  And, active Real Estate investors/buyers have grown accustomed to just sitting and waiting because they all feel that the bottom hadn't arrived -- yet.

Well, folks! It's here!  As I scan the Las Vegas commercial real estate horizon, I see that the slow down in sinking values "looks" as if it is coming to a halt.  Now, NOT like a car hitting a wall type of halt.  But, more like the recent NOD and Trustee Sales Reports that are emailed to me are showing less and less commercial properties being foreclosed upon.

And yesterday, an appraiser I have known and worked with through the years called me to ask about this property value trend.  He was doing an owner valuation for this one particular company who owns several large various properties across the Las Vegas Valley. 

His most important question he posed to me was: Are Property Values most likely at the bottom?  Of course! I said.  Do I know that for sure?  No.  But, if he was referring to being at an exact bottom, it is hard to tell.  So, my answer of Yes! is my opinion that: This is the time to buy!  By the way, the appraiser wasn't surprised by my assessment.

Now, DO NOT GET ME WRONG!  I am currently seeing a trend where buying a commercial Income Property now makes perfect sense even a year from now.  Since I am NOT just trying to close a sale, I can honestly say: IF you wait any longer, you will miss out on these income properties and the acquisition price WILL BE HIGHER next year!  (Remember, the higher the Cap Rate; the lower the price!  That means, if you wait any longer, acquiring that real estate income property will cost you more in the future because the Cap Rates, nationally, are already headed down!

So, DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!  Give me an email or call for details on just how you, too, can get rich via a long term RE investment.

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