Las Vegas Resort Buyer(s) Pay Attention Here!

You WILL NOT be give any information on any (potential) Resort Property that may/may not be for sale WITHOUT A SIGNED Non-Circumvent and Commission Agreement!

Emailing me and insisting that you are qualified and have CASH is going to get you no where. 

Please be advised that IF you are NOT willing to provide me with CPA and/or CFO Certified P&L and Balance Sheet, PLUS the Signed NC and CA with a company's authorized Signatory's signature, further discussions are moot.

However, IF you provide me with what I have asked, and provide me with a signed NC and CA, I will forward those documents to the appropriate parties; and THEY will decide as to whether or not you are qualify to acquire a Resort!  Any deviation from that will be a waste of your time.

So, MAN UP!  The number of properties your own; or where they are located; or how much money you say you have is irrelevant and has no bearing at this point unless and until you provide the appropriate documents to me!

Once your financial credentials have been established by the receiving party, then THEY will contact you about further discussions about pursuing the property.

Any questions?

My apologies to the rest of the readers.  It's just a couple of wanna be casino hacks that are being overly insistent in an area where co-operation is absolutely mandatory. 

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Investment Property, contact David Howes at: or 702-501-9388.

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