Pending Boom will trickle down to CRE!

In case you have been asleep at the wheel the last four years, there is a building of kinetic energy that is going to fuel the next economic explosion.  And, as is pointed out in the column below, it will be in the data and smart technology we are starting to see coming to the market.

Granted our dear congress-persons have been too busy in-fighting over social programs as too costly, thus trying their best to stop any economic turn for the better at any cost.  Thus, the economic tide is building momentum and will continue to roll forward.

Here is an excerpt from

"The Impending Boom
I thought I would share the gist of an article that I read yesterday in the Opinion Section of the Wall Street Journal. "The Coming Tech-led Boom" was an incredibly stimulating prognostication that the United States is on the cusp of three technological breakthroughs that will transform our economy and fuel hyper economic growth: Big data, smart manufacturing and the wireless revolution. The first out-of-the-wonder-box idea is that data is virtually free, and that the "cloud" will enable a network of thousands of data centers, producing data-crunching at a level that will spawn previously unimaginable services and businesses. The second emerging paradigm is "smart manufacturing," the revolution of design and build from the molecular level to create new materials with properties not possible in nature and enabling start-to-finish manufacturing from a desktop. The third is the connectivity of billions of people through cloud-based wireless technology. The United States is at the epicenter of all three technologies, and these will engender sweeping changes in business and society. I am attending the Real Estate Roundtable meeting today in D.C., and it provides a backdrop for thinking about how the real estate industry will capitalize on the impending boom. Unfortunately, our industry is rarely an early adapter of change; in fact, we are in many ways still in the Jurassic era on the technology front. Sad but true." Tony LoPinto.

So, do we continue to sit back and wait until it is too late as the economic roll runs over us?  OR, do we actual get up, start re-investing in Las Vegas CRE and ride the economic tidal wave as it comes roaring by?

Your choice.  I think whether or not prices have bottomed in Las Vegas is moot and the smart investor starts investing now.

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