Record Housing Sales in Las Vegas?

Published today in the Las Vegas Review Journal is a news story about how housing sales are through the roof.

I really don't understand how people are buying properties with the expectation of flipping them later this year or next.

The foreclosure crisis is of such magnitude in proportion that I am even scared to go after some of these properties.  AND, with the "Robo Signing" cloud hanging over head, and the nevada DA pushing for How? and Why? answers, you could end up with a Lis Pendens on your property post close.

Then, again, if you are going to spend $2million or more on a SFR or Condo to hold and flip, why not just acquire a property at  +9% Cap Rate that is a leased property that is a passive investment which would provide you income for the next two to ten years.

And at a +9% Cap Rate, you will re-pay your initial investment off in +/-120 months.

So, instead of buying a house to just sit there and possibly get vandalized, buy a proven leased property with a credit tenant.

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